Metal Postcard Release Ollo’s Back Catalogue

Amongst the many ollo releases due this year is their debut album  Sleeper

Rave reviews on its initial release

” An aural alchemist. This album is diverse and compelling while delivering something that is whole and complete.”
[Tim Ritchie :: Radio National]

” Sleeper is atmospheric, with a slight pop sensibility and a heady dose of jazz – a bit of moonless night with a touch of sun glinting off snow…perhaps I should take Ollo to the next party, they’re much more clever and fun than I.”
[XLR8R :: USA]

Listen to it  at


Mess & Noise & Sonic Masala Give Thumbs Up To MP100 featuring Hot Palms & Soda Eaves

“Hot Palms are always great, but especially live, as proven by their mid-show recording of ‘Muss Blues’. The three-minute instrumental is the Melbourne ensemble’s half of a new split 7” with Soda Eaves, and it radiates Dirty Three-style serenity. Played by Alec Marshall (Emma Russack’s lead guitarist), Jake Core (Soda Eaves), Ashley Bundang (Zone Out), Jordan Ireland (ex-The Middle East), André Vanderwert (André) and Zahra Khamissa (Pencil), it was recorded by Astral Traveller. Soda Eaves’ side, ‘Lolly Water’, was also captured live, featuring overlapping sampled voices against slinking guitar passages. The 7” is a joint release between Hong Kong label Metal Postcard and Marshall’s own imprint Why Don’t You Believe Me?. It’s limited to just 100 copies, with handmade sleeves.”



“The calm before the storm – the penultimate band release on this relentlessly gargantuan post is the 7″ split between two unheralded acts out of Melbourne, Hot Palms and Soda Eaves. ‘Muss Blues’ and ‘Lolly Water’ are as meditative and breathtaking as ever, a somnambulist sojourn through mid-dusk netherworlds, where the feet lift from the ground and the shadows flee your body. It’s stuff like this that makes me miss Australia so much. You can buy the 7″ now – and you really really should. Soda Eaves will also be supporting Ghost Notes on theirMoonlight State tour – this show at the Public Bar at Sunday January 25.”


Phnom Penh’s KROM Take On Bangkok And Win Hearts & Minds

Krom have just inked a deal with Metal Postcard.. Here’s what the Bangkok Post had to say about their recent spate of performances

…… “Krom’s music is a touch of East meets West and is darker than the darkest night, with mournful Delta blues guitar mixing with the angelic voices of two classically-trained Khmer sisters. Their music is so dark it makes Leonard Cohen seem like a pop singer.