Stereo Embers Magazine Interview Matthew Edwards

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Here’s a taste

We’ll just say this upfront. There are few so-called singer-songwriter albums that approach the level of sublime as 2012’s The Fates by Matthew Edwards & the Unfortunates. In addition, if one were to go with the label favored by Discogs, there are few (and in fact even fewer) so-called folk rock albums as sublime as The Fates. Gilded with a literary finesse, embossed by inspired musicianship that’s in a stroke both sympathetic and ecstatic, and buoyed by a wry resilience that conveys like a sort of bourbon-smooth nihilism, the record sneaked into existence as a limited, vinyl-only release on Last Tape Recordings, a label that of this writing has but that one album in its catalog. Coyly fitting as that, um, fate may be – a work veiled in a luxurious dismay and softly spiked with exquisite weltschmerz  worthy of Hesse being itself left longing for a wider audience – the record is, in a sense, being rescued by Metal Postcard Records…..

Coming In The New Year: 7″ From Belgian Electronic Duo Tangtype

7 Jacket (Glue Pocket - No Spine) [tangtype_xpokin]   Belgian electronic musician Jean-François Brohée and vocalist Julie Cambier decided to work together and created the project tangtype in 2004.  They tell us “We imagined our collaboration as a tangram, a constant re-combination of elements, making sound / voice experiments evolving” tangtype_analog2Tangtype are two people from the very worldly Brussels, who happen to make some of the most other worldy music you’re likely to hear. Should you happen to be a fan of such juxtapositions, the fun doesn’t end there. The band are made up of singer Julie Cambier, and musician Jean-Francois Brohee. The former is a vocalist operating in a form very much recognisable as that of her chosen profession; her melodies are warm and welcoming, her lyrics personal, she assuming the role of tangibility, the face and soul of the band. The latter meanwhile, takes quite a different tack. You could call him a musician, but this is perhaps too crass a label. “Spaceman” might be more apt. ANDREW VALENTINE BLOG