Big Takeover Features Forthcoming Drakkar Release On Metal Postcard Records

They write……….A musician’s life can be tough, we know. But we’d be willing to bet that most musicians reading this never had their master tapes destroyed by a genocidal, totalitarian regime. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Drakkar, who went from releasing the biggest-selling album in Cambodian history to having all trace of their existence — photos as well as music — eradicated by the brutal Khmer Rouge.

The band’s guitarist, Som Sareth, and the bassist, Oeu Sam Ol, were never seen nor heard from again by the time the Khmer Rouge were removed from power in 1979.

Miraculously three members of the band survive: H.E. Touch Tana, H.E, Ouk Sam Ath and Touch Chhatha. After the Khmer Rouge were forced from power by the Vietnamese, Ouk Sam Ath and Touch Chhatha returned to work in the music industry for Cambodian National Radio. Tana now works for the Cambodian government on fisheries management and environmental conservation.

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Press For Matthew Edwards Album “The Fates”

Amazing album — but why don’t we let the reviewers tell you…

‘”The Fates is a great record, blessed with snags of understated charm, originality and pure lambent beauty” 4/5 Shindig Magazine December 2014

“(Edwards is)… an urban romantic troubadour, heir to Brel and Gainsbourg, disillusioned but still dreaming (and drinking, and smoking), and determined, though impecunious, never to do or say a commonplace thing… the quality of a Scott Fitzgerald short” The Quietus December 2014

“The Fates rolling wordplay recalls Kevin Ayers; all wry wit and melancholy” 7/10 Uncut December 2014

“An altogether striking record” – Bucketful of Brains, November 2014

“An album rich with the intricacies of human experience” – StereoEmbers, October 2014

”The surprise of 2014, exquisite” MPB/Hautefort France December 2014

Previous praise for Matthew Edwards

“Matthew Edwards is quite probably the best songwriter in the world” – Big Takeover 2010

“Edwards’ love-broken lyrics to suggest a lost Graham Greene novel about seedy Brits shipwrecked in Caesars Palace rather than Port-au-Prince… immaculate.” – WORD Magazine (UK) 2010

“Gorgeous and knowing work” – AMPLIFIER (US) 2010

“Pairing silver-tongued, dour lyrics with sweet pop accompaniment… Another batch of pristine, fastidious pop for the forlorn and incurable.” Under the Radar (US) 2012

In With A Bullet At No 80 !

Metal Postcard release bursts into an end of year chart – yes with a bullet at the speed of sound  at… wait for it  NUMBER 80 !- white fang’s  - full time freaks – actually we are well chuffed as it’s in the suitably named Crack magazine who must have taste because they are based in Bristol

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Metal Postcard : dj Scratchy: Dj To The Clash/Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, Gogol Bordello / Booking 2015 Asia Dates

It was Joe Strummer who first called me Scratchy.
And I thought
That’s a damn fine name for someone
who plays records for a living
Scratchy travels the globe, setting festivals, concerts and clubs from Brazil to Japan alight with his fiery Scratchy Sounds sets of The Rock and The Roll of The World and those of Roots Rockin’ Rhythms and Blues. He has been Resident DJ of London’s dynamic monthly club, Gypsy Hotel, since its inception in 2006, whilst as a tour DJ, Scratchy has accompanied some of the best and most innovative bands of the past four decades of rockin’ music, starting with Dr.Feelgood and his celebrated two-year stint on the road with The Clash, and on to his close associations with Joe Strummer’s Mescaleros, the Pogues, Gogol Bordello, The Dead Brothers and The Urban Voodoo Machine.