Raw Ramp Review – The Fates – Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates


Formed in San Francisco during the Summer of 2010 Matthew Edwards was formerly the singer in The Music Lovers.

Matthew is now a resident of Birmingham UK and has an English version of the group.

On the new album ‘The Fates’ (Metal Postcard – out on November 3rd) The Unfortunates are joined by English multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Eno, Robert Wyatt) and production is by Eric Drew Feldman (Beefheart, P.J. Harvey, Pixies).

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates – The imagination, wit and mind-tricks continue right through to the final song..

We had an early listen to The Fates -

An intriguing tale illuminates the foggyness of the smoke-room snuggling atmosphere on the first track ‘Accident’.

Delightful backing vocals add a glow – like the golden warmth from a glass of whiskey on the side.

Ghost’ is suitably creepy – with shaky violin-sounds.

These slip and slide around the perplexing lyrics. A gently abraded guitar adds texture.

Otherwise, this is as ethereal as the ghost once kissed. Mesmerizing and magical.

Psychedelic folk-rock track ‘The English Blues’ is haunting and nostalgic.

Buttery pieces seem to escape – and the piece reminds us of the Beatles circa ‘67 – this sits like an awkward English gentleman clumsily attempting to look his best on a shaky seaside deck chair.

Sandrine Bonnaire’ is an ode to the beautiful French actress and director.

Like many fans, the narrator is unable to tease apart fact from fiction – so this song is like a scrapbook of newspaper clippings, movie posters, reviews and short, flickery images.

The imagination, wit and mind-tricks continue to the final song ‘Before The Good Times’ which is actually a far more formulaic and regular country piece.

A pounding drum leads the vocals along the way – they pass along quickly – almost pigeon-toed.

And the accompanying sounds begin to grow. The idea is about as sad as you can get – “Once we were alone… and had a place of our own… before the Good Times tore us apart.

The message is: The god of wine and abundance will not necessarily bring us luck.

This is jammed full of nostalgia…. Quizzical lyrics, wonderful orchestration and stunning vocals.

It swells with ideas, promises and packages – like a padded jacket worn by a dandy. Wonderful and smart.

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Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matthew-Edwards-and-the-Unfortunates/

Metal Postcard Presents A Mix of dj Foundation 2014 – All The Usual Suspects

It seemed time to bring back dj foundation to the wider world after the events of 2014.
dj foundations’ double album Paradise holds a special place in the MP canon and we hope you enjoy our latest selections of voices, re-works (joe mckechnie / buttress) and more

We have enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.
Jonathan Swift


Dj F 2014 Mix copy

Matthew Edwards & The Unfortunates To Launch LP The Fates In London November

Here are the details


Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates + Trent Miller

Thursday 27th November 2014, 7:30pm

This show is the London record-release show for Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates album ‘The Fates’ Released on Metal Postcard Records on November 3rd 2014.

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates are a 4/6-piece group based in San Francisco, USA and Birmingham, UK. In early 2013, Last Tape Recordings of San Francisco released the group’s debut album — a limited edition (300 copies) vinyl-only album “The Fates.” Which features a hand-lithographed sleeve by designer/artist Rex Ray (David Bowie etc.)

On The Fates, The Unfortunates are joined on electric guitar by Fred Frith (Henry Cow, Eno, Robert Wyatt). The record is produced by Eric Drew Feldman (Capt. Beefheart, P.J. Harvey, Pixies). Eric also plays the pump organ and the mellotron and frequently plays live with the group.

In September 2013, Metal Postcard Records of Hong Kong released the group’s new 45 “Minotaur/Bad Blood.” Matthew Edwards relocated to the UK in late 2013 where he now has a UK version of the Unfortunates and is playing band and solo shows.

In November 2014, ‘The Fates’ will have an official release (CD/download etc.) worldwide on Metal Postcard Records.

With support from Trent Miller.



- See more at: http://www.servantjazzquarters.com/event/matthew-edwards-and-the-unfortunates-trent-miller#sthash.HvOnPPCa.dpuf