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Dedicated to john heartfield
Reunion begins With a glass of mercury
Whilst television flickers
For (with) another news bulletin
Metal is tough, metal will sheen
Metal won’t rust when oiled and cleaned
Metal is tough, metal will sheen
Metal will rule in my masterscheme
metal postcard / siouxsie & the banshees

Pulse Emitter (USA) Metal Postcard Collects Best Of Last Decade On One Double Cd & Digital Release

Pulse Emitter truly is the king of space like  electronic music. If we were off to Mars on that one way trip – this would be the music to take.. coming very soon all over the world and hopefully other planets in the near future


pulse emitter for mp website 250 at 72dpi

Woolen Men Early singles and EP’s collected in one CD & Digital Package For You By Metal Postcard

Their early singles and eps was self released on very ltd vinyl about 18 months ago – we’ve remastered everything and releasing in a funky cd / digital package


Also keep an eye out for the Woolen Men’s Euro tour in April – more details to follow


woolen men dog days 22  ayt 72 dpi



Pink Skull – Ambient Album On Metal Postcard Records ( LP Gatefold Sleeve)

Ok if you are a Pink Skull fan you’d better be quick – This will be a Record Store Day Exclusive in the US  and we are negotiating with a UK  retailer to take it exclusively in the UK for RSD… so this means there are very very few knocking about


If you want to pre – order the vinyl ( gatefold sleeve)  do it now by registering your interest at metal postcard@mail.com


and what’s the album called?




pink skull clean plate cover for mp website


White Fang – Full Time Freaks – Forthcoming Album – Euro & UK Tour

So.. we have a lot more info coming in for White Fang’s crossing of the atlantic – fans are turning up everywhere – it’s not just Liv Tyler backstage you know !

This past weekend they just played a Burger party at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in LA  ( not that it stopped Kyle taking a side trip to somewhere with a big roller coaster and almost throwing up – see WF FB page for wonderful photo)


Anyway – where was I ?  Oh yes their tour . Below are confirmed dates . We are working on more including An Instore at Rough Trade east and gigs in Liverpool and Bristol – the two English cities that we reckon will get this band 100%


Here’s the cover to full time freaks – check it out at metal postcard band camp. And if you are a blog, music media and all that  get in touch for a epk to review – audio.. piccies and all that shit


full time freaks 225

White Fang To Tour Europe March 2014

Dates are tentative but will give you an idea where they will be playing and when – don’t miss this band live


3/03 Berlin

3/05 Hamburg

3/06 Copenhagen

3/07 Stockholm

3/08 Oslo

3/09 Malmo

3/10 Amsterdam

3/11 Utrecht/Rotterdam

3/12 Antwerp

3/13 London

3/15 Liverpool/Manchester/Bristol

3/16 Brighton

3/17 Paris

3/18 Rennes/Nantes

3/19 Bordeux

3/20 Madrid

3/21 Barcelona

3/22 Lyon

3/23 Zurich/Basel

Metal Postcard’s First Cassette Release

Shanghai based Pairs make singular electronic noise on our first cassette release


MPCASS001front copy

New Releases Planned For Q.1 2014


Pink Skull – Clean Plate / Turkish Delight


Pulse Emitter ( Retrospective Double CD)

Jerry Rogers Point Of Contact

Woolen Men – Dog Days

Cambodian Space Project – Whiskey Cambodia

Roc – Debut – Re-issue

Gnar Casettes Retrospective (Double CD)


The Vinyl Records – Assam India

Pink Skull To Play Saffron On The Peak NYE 2013




Coming Soon .. From Shanghai Death To Ponies extended EP Swine Water

Scary stuff !

Here’s the lowdown from Time Out Shanghai -

Death to Ponies are a musical portmanteau – a combination of frenetic metal twosome Death to Giants and DJ-production duo Acid Pony Club – who make for one of the most entertaining live acts in the city at the moment. Together, the foursome produce part-improvised, synth-backed metal and rock tracks where each musician is encouraged to play around with their own parts and create something on the fly.

‘We can genuinely say that each of our shows is different from the last,’ says bassist Dennis Ming Nichols. ‘It’s like jazz music in some ways, in that there’s a repetition of ideas and a framework that we’ll go to, but we’re not playing something that’s been written as such.’

Death to Giants began when Nichols, also of Rainbow Danger Club, joined Moon Tyrant’s Ivan Belcic to appear as Joy Division at Yuyintang’s 2010 Halloween show. Jamming together during rehearsals led to the two forming their own side project. Nichols’s work producing Rainbow Danger Club’s album meant that Death to Giants didn’t start playing shows until last summer, however.

When Laura Ingalls and Clement Pony of Acid Pony Club saw one of their early gigs, the pair immediately decided they wanted to join. ‘I just thought it was the best shit ever,’ says Ingalls. ‘I just walked up to Nichols and said “I want to be in your band.”’ Death to Ponies debuted after just one rehearsal as part of Friend or Foe’s album release last November.

‘Clem’s never been in a band before and this is the first one I’ve been in since I was 17,’ says Ingalls. ‘The DJ thing in Shanghai is getting so fucking annoying now that the opportunity to create something live is a great outlet.’

The idea of a creative outlet is something that rings true for all four musicians, with the sound significantly different from each of their other bands and projects. ‘We just collided,’ says Belcic. ‘We all really enjoy the improvisational aspect of it right now – there’s a kind of forced interaction on stage. But really, we’re only just beginning.’


And Eventually It’s Here – The Krom Monster Remixes 12″

A couple of years back UK based producer put together the Krom Monster CD with an Organisation called  Cambodian Living Arts that combined the sound of Cambodia with European electronics and traditional Cambodian instruments.

Here at Metal Postcard we hadn’t heard something so good since Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, The Ultramarine albums and Eno’s work ( yes it’s that good)

So we asked David if he wouldn’t mind taking some of the tracks remixing them and we’d pop it on vinyl

One baby , 20 releases and 18 months after our original conversation here it is. And well worth the wait

Here it is on Bandcamp


krom monster 12 fron cover